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Proctored Quiz

Learn the latest SEO Basics and take Quizzes to test yourself. Earn Certificates.

Dynamic Quiz

SEO quizzes generated from a pool of questions. Over 400k questions.

Practice Quiz

Sharpen your SEO skills. Basic SEO Tips & Tricks. Learn Now.

The Most Advanced SEO Quizzing.

Available Quiz Features

Built on latest ReactJS 16.8/17 released in 2019-20. SEO Academy uses the latest of all technology available for web. 

Even when there are thousands of submissions happening at the same time, the real pressure on our server is absolutely minimal.

Static Quizzes

The quizzes are generated from a static set of questions, defined by the Instructor.

Dynamic Quizzes

The quizzes are generated from the question bank.

Automatic Evaluation

The quizzes are automatically evaluated as soon as they are submitted.​

Practice Questions

Assign practice questions to units. Pull questions from tag or selectively add.

Timed/Un-Timed Quizzes

Optionally add a timer to the quiz. The quiz auto submits on timer end.

Assign/Schedule Quiz

Assign and Schedule quizzes to students and it shows up in their panels.

Quiz Retakes

Set Quiz retakes with past scores and full result tracking.

LeaderBoards / Top 10

Show quiz top scorers to students. Encourage competitiveness.

Reports & tracking

Comprehensive performance reports for Instructors, Companies and Students.

Advanced Quizzing Tools

Meet the most advanced quizzing system for web.

Quiz Certificates

Give our quiz certificates to users who achieve a score more than set value

Sell Quiz & Bundles

Sell single or bundle quiz via WooCommerce. Also sell via PMPro memberships

8 Question formats

TrueFalse, Single correct option, Multiple correct options, Sort, FillBlank, Match, Select, Small text, Essay Type questions. 


Upload or Essay type with manual evaluations, remarks and retakes.

Manual Evaluations

Manually evaluate a quiz or re-evaluate any existing quiz.

Activity Tracking

Track all activities that happen in your quizzes and see in manage quiz.

Advanced Reports

Generate advanced reports using our report generation tool.

Instructor Remarks

Instructors posts remarks on every quiz attempted by the user.

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